We are happy to announce that we can ship selected items to most of Canada.

We are currently using UPS for our shipping for the fastest shipping available. We understand that having your product sent overnight or 1-2 days is very expensive but since our product is perishable we need to get it to you ASAP. 

Once your items are shipped, and you have received them if we were able to negotiate a better price on your shipping we will give you a gift card to use on your next purchase. Most times it can be from 5 to 20% savings for you on the shipping costs.

We will also be working on getting our mixes and flour blends ready to ship as well. Since those items are dry we can ship them with a cheaper service to save you even more money.

We will notify you when your items are ready to be shipped. We want the freshest product possible to your door so it could take upwards of a week before your product leaves our facility.