Canada Wide Shipping


We are happy to announce that we can ship selected items to most of Canada.

We just joined FREIGHT.COM to get the best rates possible for shipping anywhere in Canada.

What does that mean for you?
We are able to save you on average $10 per shipping. For example the average shipping cost was $36.00 and it's now $26.00 (that depends on how much you order)

Who do we recommend shipping your product?
We prefer UPS for most shipments since they are the most dependable courier service with the widest range of addresses served. If they don't ship to your address we then recommend Canada Post or Purolator.

Do you have FREE shipping?
Currently we do not have free shipping. With the costs of creating Gluten Free items from scratch we don't have the markup on our products.

When will my products be shipped?
We try and ship our product 2 times a week. Wednesday and Fridays. 

How do I know when my products are shipped?
Once your items are shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Please keep an eye on your spam mail or add our email to your contacts.

How does my product stay fresh?
We Vac Pac all your product including bread. Yes it will squish some but will return to shape once you open the bag. We don't use preservatives in our product to increase shelf-live so vac packing helps.

Can I get a cake, cupcakes, or pies shipped?
No unfortunately we can not ship items that are decorated or fragile. We do recommend one of our cake, cupcake or cookie kits that you can decorate yourself. 

Are there cheaper rates for non perishable products?
Yes if you order only mixes then we can use a cheaper shipping method when shipping your order. We will give you a refund on your shipping once your order has been shipped. Please note cheaper shipping means longer wait times so expect your order within 2 weeks of placing your order.

How do I know what products are shippable?
Just under the name of the product you will see an image and wording "Canada Wide Shipping". Also if you choose a product that we do not ship it will alert you in the cart page while checking out.