About Us

My story,

Being a baker for so many years and never feeling so great I started wondering if I had some type of wheat allergy. After talking to some people who are wheat intolerant and celiac I decided to try going on a gluten free diet. (For better words a Gluten Free Lifestyle) Well what a change. I feel great! All of my life, I have been over weight and have never been able to lose any weight. Within the first 2 weeks of removing gluten from my diet I lost 29 lbs and it has also diminished most of my joint pain. I have also noticed that other items like milk products which I have always avoided are not bothering me as much.

Being a baker for most of my life developing high quality products I decided to take on the NEW challenge to produce quality gluten free products which taste just a good as the gluten filled product. After creating wedding cakes for almost 20 years and very well known for a moist cake I thought it would be the hardest item to recreate. Well when I developed my gluten free pound cake what surprising results? My friends and family couldn’t tell the difference.

Since I have a very small commercial kitchen with very few products I have decided to start developing gluten free products. In December 2011 we decided to go completely gluten free. Doing extensive, cleaning and removing all gluten products from the bakery. We will be starting production for our gluten free products in early Jan 2012, once all the preparation is done. 

Thank you,