As of opening on June 4th there will be changes to our facility.

Due to the majority of our customers having LOW IMUNE SYSTEMS the dining room will remain CLOSED for the foreseeable future. That means there will be NO tables or chairs available for customers.

Considering what the Nova Scotia Government has implemented for dining room service we are not taking a chance of ourselves or our customers having a higher risk of catching COVID-19. We agree on what the government is asking restaurants to do but our dining room is too small to make it work safely.

I hope everyone understands in our decision and keep supporting us. 

Some Good News 

We will be starting to serve lunch on Thursdays. Our chef and Tony will be there to serve you. As always, all orders must be placed by 3pm AST the day before so we have the ability to have your product ready for pick up the next day.

There are a lot of people still grumbling about having to order 1 day in advance. This is not going to change. For us to survive the next few months or longer without closing we need our customers help us by ordering in advance. The more support we receive the more we will be able to provide different items to our customers.

Hope you are all staying safe. See you soon.

Tony and the Odell’s Team

May 31, 2020 — TONY COUNTWAY